Monday, February 27, 2017

morning class homework!

All morning class students are asked to complete ten grains and ten fat sources in their health journal for Tuesday mornings class. In addition, all students are reminded to come prepared for school each day, by bringing a pencil, eraser and their required notebooks such as health journal. You are old enough to take responsibility for your own education.

Friday, February 24, 2017


On Friday, March 3 we will be having a big spelling test with 30 words which have been words we have studied already this year. Here they are...

1. he's
2. she's
3. their
4. yours
5. to
6. two
7. too
8. also
9. light
10. sound
11. emit
12. natural
13. reflect
14. source
15 artificial
16. through
17. threw
18. though
19. tough
20. thought
21. your
22. you're
23. there
24. they're
25. January
26. February
27. March
28. maybe
29. grad
30. mad

Monday: put them in alphabetical order
Tuesday: list only the words that sound the same and try to figure out how to remember what each one means ( that might help you to remember how to spell it properly)
Wednesday: study
Thursday: mock test
Friday: TEST DAY!!! YIPEE!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

No math sheet tonight!

Due to illness I was unable to get a math practice sheet to my afternoon class. I look forward to seeing everyone's Kidblog post. If you don't see your post, then it is because I have sent you a note to clarify something to you.

Have a good weekend
Ms. MacKšŸ¤§

Monday, February 13, 2017

Science Quiz Tomorrow!

Questions to be answered are:
1. What does a pulley do? (complete sentences please)
2. Name three types of pulleys which we have made/studied.
3. What does a driver or a belt drive do?
4. Draw and label something with a belt drive (hint* what did you draw and label last week?)

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Dear Parents and students,
Please remember to check the homework schedule daily. Homework is the way that children get to practice skills one small piece at a time. If you and they choose not to do homework there is usually a very definite difference in marks between those who do homework and those who don't. The reason is because those who do homework, find confidence in their practice in the Ontario expectations. In addition, this skill will set your child up for future academic success. It is a learned skill for certain.  Please, consider making this your goal for term two.

Parents and students of the morning class, please note that the students in the morning class are expected to log in their food diary for the next two weeks. The goal is to determine awareness of the Canada Food Guide (CFG) and to see if your child is getting all of the nutrients recommended by the CFG. This is a requirement for the Health curriculum in grade four.